Intermediate #4 – Using the “append record” function to add audio to the end of a track, and how to insert audio into the middle of a track in Audacity

It’s a common problem that you record a track in the free open-source Audacity program, and then you remember or realize something you should have said. Sometimes you can insert audio like that to the end of the track – and you’d do that using the “append record” tool. Or, you can also insert audio like that into the middle of a track. It’s a bit more complicated to do, but can be done. In this video tutorial for Audacity, I’m going to show you how to do both, using the Append Record function, the split function, the time shift tool, and the cut, copy, and paste functions in Audacity.

I’d love to make more of these tutorials that hit exactly on the needs you have! So please, let me know what you need help with and I’ll be happy to work out a tutorial on that sort of thing using Audacity!

Send me your feedback and suggestions for additional tutorials and I’ll get right on them!


7 comments to Use “Append Record” in Audacity & insert audio into a track – Intermediate Tutorial #4

  • Clark

    Here’s why the term “append record” isn’t making sense to you:

    * It’s *not* “append record” where “record” is a noun with the accent on the first syllable (rek’-erd).

    * It’s “append record” where “record” is a verb with the accent on the second syllable (ri-kôrd’). The word “append” means to add at the end of something. So, you are “record-ing” (note the accent on the second syllable) at the end of the marker or track.

  • TheLords

    Thanks Clark. I figured that out after I recorded the video and felt really embarrassed, but just left it. I think it’s OK to show my own stupidity sometimes. I am human after all. Thanks for being willing to embarrass me even more 🙂 No offense taken, really.

  • dennis

    That is an awesome video!!! Thanks a lot!!!

  • TheLords

    I’m so glad it was helpful Dennis!

  • Thanks very much for the tutorial. I will be watching all your other videos. The Audacity manuals are terse to the point of being hard to comprehend. You make it all very clear. I’m going to be recording one of my novels to sell as an audiobook, so I have a lot of editing ahead of me.
    Thanks again. I feel much more confident that I can do this!

  • Jill Myers

    Thanks from a new girl on the audio recording block!

  • TheLords

    I’m glad you found it helpful Jill!