Free Audacity Tutorials!

free audacity tutorials

Audacity is a totally free open-source program for multi-track audio recording and audio editing. It is amazing how powerful this free software is! You can get your own copy of the free Audacity software and join in the fun of creating and editing your own audio files!

This site provides free Audacity tutorials

No joke. Really. No catch. No gimmicks. No limited free trial. No monthly fee – ever.

You can find beginner, intermediate, and advanced tutorials using the blue menu above!

A great new resource… FREE AUDACITY TUTORIALS – check it out TWEET THIS!
 (The site is in “build” mode, so check back over time to find more… or subscribe to the blog feed to find out when new tutorials are uploaded).

Reasons to use free Audacity software…

  • Record your church worship services or messages (our church does this)
  • Record and edit a podcast (this is one I do)
  • Record and edit an audiobook or story (I’m actually working on this now)
  • Modify existing audio files (but do the right thing and respect copyrights)
  • Mix audio files together (ahem….. copyright)
  • Add crazy effects to your voice or other recordings (a-HEM… cOpYriGHt)
  • Create sound effects
  • The list is endless!

Free Audacity Tutorials is available to help you learn this great free software.


Some folks have asked me for plugins they are missing – check out the plugin page to see if I have what you need. If not, ask… and I’ll see if I can find it.